Board of Advisors

Wil Master has secured distribution and financing for numerous projects, as well as created and/or built various distribution/sales companies in both film and television for over 12 years.  He has organized and attended all of the major film and television markets including AFM, Cannes Film Festival, MIFED, MIPCOM, FILMART (Pan-Asia), Berlinale (EFM), MIPTV, LA Screenings and NATPE.

Wil has served as Sales Agent for over 250 hours of television programming and more than 50 feature films with budgets from $500,000 to $15+ Million, as well as raised production financing of about $40 Million through pre-sales and banking relationships. This versatility has earned him such screen credits as:  President of Distribution, Director of Finance, Associate Producer, Executive Producer and Producer.

Wil's consulting company, M!NT. ENTERTAINMENT, INC., is the Worldwide Sales Agent for the $30 Million feature film Kentucky Rhapsody by Nick Cassavetes (Blow, John Q, The Notebook), as well as Born, a $15 Million feature film starring an A-list cast (TBA) to be presented by Clive Barker (Hell Raiser, Candyman) and produced by Lloyd Levin (Die Hard, Tomb Raider, Hellboy I & II).  Between Nick Cassavetes and Lloyd Levin, their films have grossed well over $2 Billion Worldwide.   Both films are slated for production in 2008 and he will serve as Executive Producer on each film.

On the television side, the Company has rejoined Paul Siegel (Distributor, Baywatch, which became one of the most watched TV series in history and produced over $1 Billion in revenue) to acquire and distribute various TV programs (specials and series) including reality, documentary, lifestyle and animation. 

Prior to entering the entertainment industry, Wil resided on Wall Street (NYC) for four years where he served as a Fixed Income Specialist, as well as a Financial Consultant for Smith Barney and later moved onto high net-worth stock trading.

On a personal level, in the wake of 9/11, Wil responded as a Rescue/Relief worker at the World Trade Center (WTC)/Ground Zero in New York City and was appointed as a Safety Manager at WTC 5, 6, & 7. Wil was one of only a few civilians selected to participate in the Honor Guard Ceremony for his work in recovering fallen government workers.

In 2005, Wil received a certificate of Appreciation from the American Red Cross for First Response to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.


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